Sunday, January 25, 2015

In the NY Times This Weekend - January 25, 2015

Good afternoon from sunny Park Slope. Heavy weather on the way so a quick update today and then out for some sun and exercise. I've been moving lots of live recordings on CDR over to iTunes on my hard drive and then uploading onto my iPod. Finding lots of things I haven't heard in years in the process. The Police, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Lindsey Buckingham, Sigur Ros and many others. Great fun to rediscover them. Now then...

Two more in today's paper caught my attention. I remember seeing Joe Franklin's talk show on Channel 9 when I was a young boy. Made me feel like anyone could have their own show if they worked at it hard enough. He certainly never looked the part. Glad that didn't stop him from pursuing his goal in life. Inspiring. He gave many young performers valuable exposure before their careers took off - Woody Allen, Dustin Hoffman, Barbra Streisand, and more. There are several charming anecdotes. I particularly like the one about his young wife making funny faces at him through the control window when he was on the air. Their marital arrangement later on in life was interesting, too. Definitely worth a read for native New Yorkers and out of towners alike.

In today's intro I mentioned listening to many live recordings in my collection. One of the big highlights of that experience has been finding a few bootlegs of Crosby Stills Nash and Young performing in concert. Some of these shows are incredible. Not 100 percent sure, but it's possible the drummer on a few of them was the late Dallas Taylor who passed away earlier this week.I must confess to having a soft spot for people like Taylor who struggled with addictions but were able to get it together later in life. He played some great stuff on CSNY's first album Deja Vu (one of my all time favorite songs). It must have been tough to deal with so much fame and fortune at such an early age. It's no wonder too many musicians succumbed to drug dependency or alcohol abuse to cope with the pressure that went with it. He was married six, count 'em, six times. "I was more famous as a junkie than a drummer."

Great article on the legendary Johnny Mac. John McEnroe. Story focuses on an incident in Australia when he was disqualified from a match for cursing out the lead umpire. Mac claims he muttered the obscenity under his breath. Others on hand disagree with that assessment. What struck the most about the entire thing was how remorseful Mac sounds about it today. He seems to truly regret losing his cool so often and having the focus shift from his prowess as a player - and he was an awesome player - to his meltdowns. "You can't be serious!" is shouted at him wherever he goes. Man, that must get old. Anyway, definitely worth a read.

That's it for today. You've probably noticed that I'm shying away from more controversial topics like politics, world affairs, etc. We'll see. I may go there at some point, but I'm concerned about the potential uproar if I voice my true feelings about current events.

Enjoy the day wherever you are, and happy birthday to my friend Jules in north London. I've been a guest in the home she shares with her husband Rich and was always treated with the utmost hospitality. Hope you're having a great day, Jules.

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