Saturday, January 31, 2015

In the NY Times This Weekend - January 31, 2015

Greetings to one and all from bitter cold and sunny Park Slope. McCuenications World Headquarters. Really disappointed that I missed "The American Life" profile on William Burroughs that just aired on WNYC 93.3 FM. Hoping they will archive and give me a chance to listen later on this weekend.

Business section
In case you were wondering what it is that I do for a living, I was going to point you to the cover of today's Business section. In one of the articles, one of my clients is quoted. Whenever you see that, an expert quoted in an article, more often than not, someone like me made it happen. How? By connecting the expert with the reporter. How I do it is for another post. Unfortunately, I can't elaborate because I just found out the CEO of my client's company isn't happy with the coverage. This is after I received a half dozen congratulatory emails this morning and was all set to celebrate tonight. It was the equivalent of returning a kick off 100+ yards for a touchdown, spiking the ball, doing your celebration dance, the fireworks go off, the crowd does the wave around the Stadium and bursts into song....and then you see the flag and the ref waving it off. And so it goes...

Anyone who knows me well knows I love dark-haired curvaceous women. Maybe even more than craft beers and Led Zeppelin, if that's possible. But what I *really* love are smart, charming, funny classy and elegant dark-haired curvaceous women like Lotte Hass. Read her obituary today. Strong, courageous, beautiful. I particularly love this description: "Bosley Crowther waxed voluble on her aqueous presence." Aqueous. Note to self...

Front Page/Politics
Mitt's out. Not a big surprise given the negative response to his announcement that he was strongly considering another run. Sidenote: I had forgotten that Ronald Reagan ran three times before winning. Mitt always reminded me of Dutch - just replace the Mormonism with Astrology and Dementia. He was never going to be President. Too much stigma attached to anything connected with the disciples of Joseph Smith, in my opinion. Secret handshakes, undergarments, golden tablets, special reading glasses and Egyptian hieroglyphics. A shame, really. His business and government experience could have made him a good President. Or at least a more formidable candidate than the one who failed miserably in 2012. His biggest gaffes were "binders full of women" and calling out the "47 percent" and then he made things worse by choosing Paul Ryan. I would have advised him to choose Condi Rice. But no one asked me. So it's shaping up to be Jeb vs. Hillary. I keep hoping a legit third option will emerge. Will there ever be another Theodore Roosevelt or Lincoln? My two favorite Presidents. I keep believing one will come from the current group of major city mayors (not a de Blasio fan). A few of them are super impressive. And one of them - Cory Booker - has already made the move up the chain to Senator. Time will tell.

Hey, speaking of our old friend Mitt, Gail Collins wrote another column about him today and couldn't help herself from mentioning the "Irish Setter on the roof story" again. I'm serious - she mentions it in EVERY column about Romney. I left a comment online about her telling that story over and over again like a drunk telling a joke to a bartender for the 100th time and still expecting a laugh. Let's see if they post it. Enough already, Gail. You need some new material.

I had the great pleasure of visiting Belfast in 2013 and being shown around town by my dear friends Jeff and Lesley. Jeff is a terrific tour guide. We spent an hour or so in the Crown - where my Guinness was most definitely NOT served with a shamrock on top, thank Jayzus.If memory serves, and my memory is shite, we also had one at the Duke. I know we stopped to check out the murals featuring Van the Man, George Best and other celebs from the area. I remember when we were walking out of the Crown, Jeff said something along the lines that it was probably best that we stopped at one pint because we were having such a good time, we could have easily spent the entire afternoon and into the night chatting and downing pints. He was right. Jeff's such a great conversationalist it would have been an epic chinwag. But then I wouldn't have seen more sights of this amazing city. You should go. It's perfectly safe now and there are many great things to see and do. The Times' reporter captures a few of them. The Titanic Museum and Quarter are great - good for the kids, too.Definitely stop in at the Crown. If you decide to go, let me know and I'll see if Jeff's available to meet up with you. Maybe he'll even take you to the Giant's Causeway where the cover of Houses of the Holy was shot.

Ok, that's enough for today. I'm off for that exercise and fresh air. Hope all is well in your part of the world. Enjoy your pints, listen to some vinyl, do something nice for someone for no other reason than the smile you'll get in exchange for it. Deal?

And before I sign off, sending out my condolences to a loyal McCuenications reader, my dear friend Gilly who's mom passed away earlier today. I'm also sending positive vibes to my dear KAM who's grandmother - speaking of GORGEOUS brunettes - has been fighting like a champ. My thoughts and prayers are with the Gilly and KAM families today and every day. I lost my Dad 10 years ago this coming June, and yesterday would have been his 89th birthday. Gone, but never forgotten. I know what you're both going through and you have my full support during this difficult time. 

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