Sunday, February 22, 2015

In the NY Times this Weekend - February 22, 2015

Greetings from balmy Park Slope where the temperature shot up into the low 40s today. Sun was shining bright all day long and most of the snow and ice that had accumulated over the past week or so melted. It made walking around the neighborhood a little tricky. Apparently the cold is coming back with a vengeance overnight. Makes me wish I had spent more time outdoors today. Did take a long walk to a record store in the neighborhood, but probably should have gotten an earlier start. Still a little off after Saturday's early morning adventure in Bushwich.

I didn't find a lot of items in today's paper to write about. There are a few politics-related issues that would spark some debate, but see yesterday's post for my reasons to avoid them. Did find a couple that I'd like you to check out.

Now then...

Sunday Review
I have to confess that I'm one of those people who will sometimes say "thanks" if I learn that an acquaintance is a military veteran. It's sincere gratitude. I don't always agree with the political reasons for sending men and women into combat, but I do have a strong sense of "there but for the grace of God go I." Or something like that. I've had many conversations with guys my age about how lucky we are to have never had to serve in the military or go to war. It's impossible to watch a movie like Saving Private Ryan or a documentary on WWII or the Vietnam War and not feel lucky to have avoided being put in those situations. Would I have the courage and toughness to survive? Can't say for sure. Reporter Matt Richtel talks about veterans who aren't comfortable with people "thanking them for their service," and why it can rub them the wrong way. Worth a read for insight to the reasons why.

Front Section
Off and on for about 10 years, I worked as a doorman at my local pub checking IDs on the weekend. Can't say I was a "bouncer," but it was my responsibility to keep an eye on things and make sure everyone behaved properly. In those 10 years, I can only remember one incident where I had to get between two guys who wanted to fight. I'm not a big guy and never really learned how to fight or defend myself so it was a relief to not have to "learn on the job" other than that one time. In an article on the front page of today's paper, reporter Ellen Barry describes a group of men from a small village outside Delhi who make up most of the bouncer workforce in the city. The men are all from the same family with a deep history as warriors in the region. Makes for an interesting read into that history and where they are today.

Over the past week or so I've been re-reading Miles Davis' autobiography. My favorite parts are when he talks about the musicians he enjoyed playing with throughout his career. He absolutely raved about the late great Tony Williams, for example. He also spoke highly of Clark Terry, his fellow trumpeter and St. Louis native who passed away this weekend. Terry was 94 years old when he died. His wife Gwen survives him. I don't know a lot about his music, but do plan to seek out some of his recordings and the documentary about his work with a music student. Rest in peace, Mr. Terry

That's all for this weekend. Have a great week.

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