Sunday, February 8, 2015

In the NY Times This Weekend - February 8, 2015

Happy Sunday to you and yours. Still buzzing from last night's Annie McCue gig. Annie is my "Australian cousin." The quotes are necessary because I'm not really sure - yet - if we're related. My brother The Gaffer is looking into it. Check Annie out on YouTube. She is an incredible talent. Singer, songwriter, gunslinger guitar player. The complete package. Let me know what you think.

Tonight I'm doing a reading of two scenes from my play Final Vinyl at The Gate with my friend Travis DeLingua. Looking forward to it. Now then...

Liar liar, pants on fire. Referring to the Brian Williams situation. What a mess. The problem with lying these days - not meaning to infer that there is ever a "good" time to lie - is that you can't hide the truth. It will eventually come out. Why? Because someone else was there - and more often than not, carrying some kind of recording device. Williams should have known better, but may not have been able to restrain himself. Pathological liars are all around us. I deal with one just about every day. One lie is told and then another one to cover the original lie and on and on. I've met Brian Williams. He's a nice guy. I'm sure he didn't mean to cause any harm. But he's into it up to his neck now and will probably lose his job. What a mess. The truth may hurt, people, but the pain will go away quicker than telling a lie, which will linger for a long long time. Let's see how this one plays out. And brace yourself for the inevitable public shaming aka mea culpa aka Apology Tour. Maureen Dowd gets it right again here. Mr. Williams, you're no Ernest Hemingway. And guess what? You're not supposed to be.

What do you call it when a train wreck is involved in a car crash? Bruce Jenner. Enough said on that one.

Let's all stand at attention for a few moments to pay tribute to Alex Vraciu. Holy cow, just read this obituary, please. I'm not a war monger, and I don't get a thrill from reading about people being killed. It's the courage of men and women like Vraciu that blow my mind. He was so young. Could I have been that brave under similar circumstances? I like to think so, but not sure. Splash No. 6! Incredible.

I love the US Women's soccer team. They are a group of winners who play the game hard and compete like true champions. From the outside, Hope Solo always seemed like a bit of a wildcard, but she always played well in big games so I cut her lots of slack. No more. These social media battles with former teammates and off the field behavior that can best be described as trailer park trash-like have left me cold.Time for the team to cut ties with this drama queen and move on. They will be just fine without her.

Sunday Business
Here's another one for my friends out in Denver. The ganja industry is a big business now that it's legal in the state and everyone's going there to get Rocky Mountain High. Turns out there's a new credit union looking to serve business connected to it. What's the federal government going to do? I say, time to jump on that wavy gravy train and use the tax revenue to help solve some of society's ills. Finance infrastructure projects, use some of it to set up treatment centers for those struggling with addictions, etc. I don't condone getting high, and I have mixed feelings about introducing yet another intoxicant into today's mainstream society. People can say it's harmless, or less violence inducing than alcohol and they're probably right to a certain degree. But there is a dark side to potheads that doesn't get talked about often enough. I've seen the negative effects that hitting the bong too much can have on some people.Extreme mood changes, crankiness, lack of focus. If you ask me if I'd rather have someone in a bar who's drunk or high on weed, of course I'd choose the latter. But put those same people behind the wheel of a large automobile? Hmmmm...

That's all I have time for today, folks. Hope you enjoyed this update. Please leave comments. I'd also like to sign off by paying tribute to Ashley Graham who will be making the first "plus sized" model appearance in this year's Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Funny, when I look at Ashley, I see a voluptuous woman who looks completely natural and beautiful. If that's plus sized, so be it. More, please.

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