Monday, March 30, 2015

In the New York Times this Weekend - March 28-29, 2015

All apologies for the delayed posting. What’s that old joke about the best way to make God laugh? Make a plan. And mine was to post two times a weekend – once on Saturday, once on Sunday. Well, so much for the best laid plans of aspiring bloggers and men. Full disclosure – I was so busy this weekend, I didn’t even get to read the entire paper. So today’s, I mean, tonight’s update will be brief. I will make it up to you next weekend, I promise. And I keep my promises. Now then…

With March Madness in full swing – and don’t forget the ladies tourney – the sports section was loaded with great basketball stories this weekend. Here are just a few.

Definitely take the time to read about the author of the book on Dollar Bill Bradley. I read “A Sense of Where You Are” many years ago. My dad loved Bill Bradley. I’m pretty sure he was his favorite basketball player. Smart, a great passer and shooter. Maybe not the most fleet of foot and certainly no leaper. But what a big game player. He should have been President, too. My feeling is he waited too long. By then he was losing his hair a bit, his chin looked weak and we all know how important appearances are when there are video cameras everywhere. None of that matters now. He had a great career as a college player at Princeton and on my dad’s beloved Knickerbockers, served New Jersey admirably in the Senate. Read the article and by all means, go back and read the book. You won’t be sorry.

Loved reading about Coach Geno’s assistant coach at UCONN. What a gem she is, and what an incredibly positive influence on the young women on the team. She could have gone anywhere and been a head coach herself years ago. She chose to, sorry, stand by her man. But she’s not Tammy Wynette. Oh no. This is a strong, smart, tough lady who has provided immeasurable support and counsel to Geno and his teams over the years. Great story.

Speaking of legendary coaches…did you know that the late Dean Smith, arguably the “dean” of college coaches – see what I did there? – made arrangements in his trust for every varsity basketball player who played on one of his teams in the 36 years he coached at North Carolina to receive a check for $200 upon his death? Neither did I. Read more here. The $200 check story is in another one here.

Front Page – Sunday
The story about kids who are facing death due to cancer or other incurable diseases and work out their own arrangements is both heartbreaking and inspiring. What courage, what guts, what strength. I apologize in advance if it makes you cry, but it’s an issue too many people have to deal with these days and might be helpful for someone you know.

That’s it for this week. Back next week with more. I promise.

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