Thursday, December 20, 2018

Dutch, Dr. Woody, Lunch, Winning and Birthday Greetings

To paraphrase President Ronald "Dutch" Reagan, "there I go again" breaking my own rules. I've let too much time go by in between posts. I'm sorry. In my defense, that cold I mentioned last week turned into a full on case of the flu, and knocked me out for a few days.

Woof, Monday night was the worst of it. I've never felt body aches like that before. My shoulders were killing me! My personal physician Dr. Chris Woody MacDermott prescribed two ginger ale and whiskeys to help with the pain and to help me sleep. They worked like a charm. Come Tuesday morning, I was starting to feel a little better.

That evening I followed the good doctor's same prescribed regimen. I took no pleasure in it, mind you. This was purely imbibing for medicinal purposes. Wednesday, again a little better. This morning I woke up fit as fiddle and ready to play on, to paraphrase Al Swearengen this time.

Ok, that's enough organ music. Now then...

Today was a good day. I had lunch with one of my clients and a reporter from Bloomberg at a very nice restaurant on the east side of Manhattan midtown. The two of them had a great chat and there are several potential outcomes from it. Turns out this reporter is also a good contact for at least one more of my other clients, and I've already set up another lunch. #winning

Tuesday I received a check in the mail from one client, and this morning I found that another had wired funds into my account. #morewinning

Over the past week and a half or so, I've been working with a former colleague. Mostly, I've been helping him with a few projects to lighten his load a bit as he prepares to head off on a vacation next week. We've always worked well together and he's got a great sense of humor so it's always fun with lots of laughs. I banged out some press releases for him, and also did some research for an upcoming broadcast opportunity for one of his clients. We're going to talk tomorrow about more collaborating over the next few weeks and into the new year.

I'm also now officially a member of a PR agency's consulting network. Ideally, this will result in a steady amount of work on projects both big and small. I will also from time to time be asked to participate in new business proposals and presentations. There's great potential here. Will see how it plays out and keep you posted.

I've also got a client finishing up a contract at the end of this month, and another due to wrap-up in mid January so I'll be looking to replace both on the balance sheet, so to speak. It's possible both will come back in time. It's on me to make sure both close out on a positive note and see the value in the investment in my services.

I'll close with a few personal notes. My oldest friend celebrates his 56th birthday today. We met back in high school at soccer tryouts in late August and later had a few classes together. Coincidentally, our parents knew each other from teaching CCD classes, and me and my old friend had our first extended conversation during a Religion class! We've had lots and lots of incredible adventures and experiences together over these past 41 years. From hitchhiking to parties to going to concerts together to attending the same college to even working at the same company after graduation (heck, he was my boss for a short time!).

I tell ya, I could write a book of stories about some of those experiences - some you wouldn't believe, but I swear are true. He married a great gal who's just a sweetheart and one of my dearest friends. They have three amazing kids - one of whom is my godson. I love them all like they are my own. They're super cool adults now and doing really well, which makes me proud of them and proud of my dear friends for being such great parents. Anyway, before I get too weepy, I will say happy birthday, JFS! We'll always be friends.

I'll be back tomorrow with some resolutions for the New Year and some more tips and counsel for you. Until then, I'd love it if you left some Comments. I appreciate everyone who comes here to read my posts - especially you KK - and hope they are helpful in some small way.

Are you ready to tell your story?

Best wishes,

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