Thursday, October 11, 2018

I got to say it was a good day

With a tip of the cap to Ice Cube, today was a good day indeed. Here's the run down.

As noted in my earlier post, I was interviewed in a Medium blog here.

I also worked with Seth Fineberg, editor of, to place an article written by my client Pranav Ghai, the co-Founder and CEO of Calcbench here.

Last but not least, I also exchanged signed contracts with a new client - will tell you more about that exciting development soon.

I also had a quick beer with Bobby Gagnon, owner of The Gate, the best craft beer bar in the five boroughs, to celebrate all of the above.

Now I just need to keep it going tomorrow. Wish me luck. How was your day? Reach out and let me know. You can contact me at


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