Sunday, October 21, 2018

Kicking off the week - October 21, 2018

As a lifelong Led Zeppelin fan, I spend many days during the fall season with the song "Ramble On" playing on a loop inside my head. The song opens with the lines "Leaves are fallin' all around/Time I was on my way/Thanks to you, I'm much obliged/For such a pleasant stay/But now it's time for me to go/The autumn moon lights my way..." Now I'm sure you understand why.

Every Monday morning, I send my clients a "Kicking off the week" email that lets them know what's ahead in terms of media interviews, project deadlines, priority projects I'm working on for them and just a general update on the state of our engagement together. It's a good way to keep everyone on track and provides my clients with full transparency on how I'm spending the time they've invested in me. One thing I'm going to add for all McCuenications PR clients moving forward is a "Closing out the week" email on Fridays. This will - hopefully - show progress on everything we set out to do at the beginning of the week, outline what's going to carry over to the next week, and when appropriate, provide a "sneak preview" on the week ahead.

So we kick off the week, and we close out the week. But the truth is, the work is never done in our business. We're always seeking out new media opportunities, trying to find new outlets and contacts to reach out to on behalf of our clients, and we can never stop brainstorming and trying to come up with creative ways to draw attention to our clients, their business and their executive teams.

During the coming week, I'm looking forward to meeting Landon Thomas Jr. from the New York Times with my clients at Alpha Innovations. I've also got my second team call with my newest client Veras Partners.

I've also got a consultation tomorrow morning with an endodontist to talk about root canals which should be really "fun." Yesterday I had a tooth pulled. Wasn't as bad as I feared going into it, but not a lot of "fun" either. Yet another painful reminder to stay on top of your health, address issues as soon as they happen, and just take good care of yourself in general.

I'm also planning on putting out a press release this week to announce the launch of my website. It looks like everything is fully buttoned up with the desktop and mobile versions, and the friends and former colleagues I've shared the beta version with have been enthusiastic and positive in their feedback.

That's it for today's update. I hope you'll visit my website, have a look around, and let me know if you have any questions. Here one for you - are you ready to tell your story?

Hey, before I go, and speaking of Led Zeppelin and Ramble On...some friends of mine are helping to put together the latest lineup of "Virtual Zeppelin." They're seeking a singer for the project and guess which song they've chosen for auditions? You can check it out here.

Have a great week, everyone.


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