Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Houston, we have lift-off - Veras Partners Launched Successfully Today!

Congratulations to my new clients and friends at Veras Partners. We issued their launch press release earlier today. I spent a good chunk of the afternoon getting the word out to relevant media contacts who might be interested. Short version - former J.D. Edwards and software industry veterans launched an application management outsourcing (AMO) company with a mission to help end users of insightsoftware and ARCTOOLS(r).

Early this morning, I paid a visit to Board Studios based in the WeWork space on Broad Street. Board Studios, Broad Street. Got a little confusing at one point, but I sorted it out. Nice guys at Board Studios. They've turned an office space into a video production studio. While I was there, I got to meet my long-time media contact Dale Laszig who writes for The Green Sheet and other financial publications. Dale is a sweetheart and it's always a pleasure to work with her. We've done so for a few years now but had never met in person. Great to make that face to face connection today. We rode the R train together back to Brooklyn after meeting with the Board Studios guys.

Late afternoon, I moderated a phoner between Rob Daly at Media Markets/Intel Alley and my client Larry Newhook from Laureate Digital Securities. The two gents had a good chat about Laureate engaging with AlphaPoint to help build out Laureate's blockchain driven platform for asset management. Rob's a pro and always brings lots of energy, smarts and enthusiasm to every interview with one of my clients.

After getting into the city for an hour, I was stuck inside for the rest of this awesome fall day and missed all the trick or treat-ers in their costumes. My doorbell never rang. Either word is out that I ignore it no matter what, or Brooklyn kids mostly stick to hitting up the shops along the avenues. Guessing it was a combination of both.

So a day of lots of email pitching, meeting a long-time media contact in person for the first time, connecting one of my clients with another long-time contact over the phone, and meeting a possible new "Trusted Resource" to do business with down the road.

Think I'm going to shut it down for today and watch a few episodes of Bodyguard. Anyone else out there watching it?

Will be ready to get back on it in the morning. How about you? Are you ready to tell your story?


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